Commercial Roofing Houston TX

Commercial Roofing Houston TX

Whether your commercial roof plans call for specialized accents or construction, or is a commercial flat roof or metal roof of a warehouse, industrial center or distribution center, Longhorn has the new construction industry experience you require. We work with multiple disciplines, contractors, engineers, architects and owners to provide the roofing solution you require for your building. In addition, Longhorn Roofing does it all, with minimal or no impact on your daily business operations. We are the roofing experts you can rely on for commercial roofing in Houston, TX.

Providing a professional roof installation with superior quality and reliability begins with the proper preparation of the roof. A professional roofing job by experts helps to assure the expected roofing life span, performance and the protection of your business. Longhorn Construction roofing professionals identify roofing problems, and provide the required repair bringing it to code, before the installation of a new roof. Superior craftsmanship in provides a solid base for your choice of new roofing material. It is also an important factor in a long-lasting roof, and the protection of your building, its contents, employees, customers and the business you conduct within it.

In addition to new roofs, and re-roofing, we offer roof repairs that maintain your warranty. When roofing lacks a warranty, we provide quality repairs you can rely on. In fact, our expertise goes further. We offer roof restoration, including the restoration required for metal roofing. There is no reason metal roofing cannot last a century or longer when properly cared for. With care, the metal roof can last indefinitely, unless a storm causes damage. For the majority of metal roofing, restoration is a solution that enables your roof to continue lasting. Our experienced commercial roof repair team provides a job done right the first time with all types of roofing materials. Longhorn Commercial Roofing works with property managers, building owners and provides multiple facility repairs, installation, restoration, spray foam roofing, and roof coatings. We offer the services you need for all your commercial roofing in Houston, TX needs.

When your business has a leak in its commercial roofing in Houston, TX, it is important to locate the leak and provide the repair before damage to the building, its contents and equipment, or an interruption of production and operations can occur. Roof leaks require prompt attention, as the results of neglect can not only be costly, but can cause unsafe conditions. We can provide you with reliable commercial roof repair or replacement, and our estimates are free. With over 40 years of experience, you can rely on Longhorn Construction for quality roof repair, roof installation and roof coatings.

Surface preparation is essential for the long-term performance of your commercial roofing in Houston, TX. Advantages of the roof coating include:

  • ENERGY STAR® and LEED certified
  • Extends the lifespan of existing roofs
  • Remains flexible in extreme temperatures
  • Assists in protecting the roof against surface damage
  • When properly installed provides full adherence to existing substrate
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Class A fire resistant
  • Provides protection against high winds and hail
  • Provides a monolithic (seamless) membrane for greater leak protection of your commercial roofing in Houston, TX
  • Seals leaks and protects against the elements
  • Elastomeric roof coating provides a cool roof by protecting the roof surface from the sun’s heat and UV rays, and reflects up to 85% of the harmful rays away from the roof, while reducing the roof temperature, and the building’s interior temperature.
  • Available in energy saving reflective white and other colors
  • Provides a light weight alternative, and in many situations, can prevent the need for installing a replacement roof
  • Your business does not need to shut down for installation.
  • Your business can continue normal operations without the need to shut down

In addition to roof repair, we provide commercial roof coatings for your existing roof. Elastomeric roof coatings are a proven method for water proofing existing roofs, and for providing a monolithic, or seamless roof. Roof coatings can be used on almost all types of commercial roofing, and a product is available specific to each roof type. However, roof coating requires extensive experience and training in order to receive the proper application.

Business owners often choose a white tint to their roof coating for additional energy savings and reduced indoor temperatures. It also assists in reducing the heat island effect in cities, by reflecting heat away. Roof coatings also eliminate landfill waste, and the fees involved. A growing number of building owners are choosing to add white reflective roof coatings to brand new roofing. The reasons are pretty straight forward. In addition to those previously stated, a roof coating protects the new roof underneath it, and helps to extend its lifespan. Furthermore, roof coatings may qualify you for rebates after installation. You can rely on our experience, as all our experienced installers are certified for a professional application of roof coatings on your commercial roofing in Houston, TX.

Why You Should Choose Longhorn Roofing

Quality materials and superior workmanship are essential for achieving long lasting commercial roofing in Houston, TX for your building. We focus on providing first quality workmanship and attention to detail. Together, these three ensure you receive a first quality roof for an extended lifespan. In addition, our experienced and highly trained crews attend routine seminars regarding product updates and guidelines. Mandatory safety and installation training is required, ensuring your roofing project is OSHA compliant and completed by roofers with the highest experience, knowledge and up-to-date training possible. Give Longhorn Construction a call today for a free commercial roof estimate.