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Matt Parker - Sunday, October 15, 2017

An elastomeric roof coating is a fluid applied roofing product with the property of elasticity, enabling it to expand and contract without experiencing any damage. Roof coatings offer a lot of benefits for many commercial roofs. Contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX for additional information.

An elastomeric roof coating completely seals the roof. By providing a monolithic (seamless) roof for your commercial building,  your building is protected against the elements, and will last longer. Furthermore, the professionals of Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX can install the product on almost any commercial roofing.

Elastomeric roof coatings are available in a number of different formulas, each one for a different type of roof. With each formula developed for a specific type of roof, the best adhesion and longevity is possible. After proper surface preparation.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential before applying a roof coating. Both processes require experience and expertise not just any roofer can provide. Improper surface preparation and application of the product can result in air pockets, poor adhesion and premature failure placing your roof and structure at risk.  Our professional roofers have the necessary skills required, and are certified for roof coating installation. Contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX today to schedule a free roof estimate.

Environmental Advantages

Roof coatings offer several environmental benefits. First, if you choose a reflective roof coating your operating costs will be reduced by lower energy costs during the summer. This reduces your building's carbon footprint and increases the interior comfort by reflecting sunlight. As a result, the roof will also last longer when properly installed.

In addition, a roof coating can seal leaks, and can delay your need for a new roof for a decade or longer, depending on the surrounding environment and conditions. Not only will this save you money, it also keeps roof materials out of the landfill. Contact  Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX for additional information.

The Benefits

Elastomeric roof coating offers a number of benefits when properly installed. When you contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX, you are assured of receiving  a professional installation, whether you choose a roof coating or other commercial roofing.

The benefits of roof coatings include the following:

  • ENERGY STAR® and LEED certified product.

  • Can extend the lifespan of your existing commercial roof.

  • Remains flexible even in extreme temperatures.

  • Provides full adherence to the existing substrate when properly installed.

  • Requires very little maintenance.

  • Provides Class A fire resistance.

  • Offers excellent protection against high winds and hail events.

  • It provides a monolithic (seamless) membrane for superior leak protection.

  • Seals leaks.

  • When applied as a reflective roof, elastomeric coating provides protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays, and reduces both the roof temperature and the building's interior of the. White elastomeric roof coatings can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat.

  • Elastomeric roof coating is available in a variety of colors to complement your building’s appearance.

  • An excellent option for roofs where weight may be an issue. Elastomeric coatings add minimal weight.

  • Provides an option for qualifying roofs that would otherwise require complete replacement.

  • Roof coatings do not require your business to shut down during installation.

Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX offers an uncompromising level of quality and service backed by 40 years of experience.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings for Metal Roofing

When you invest in a metal roof, it can last a lifetime and even longer with minimal care. There are metal roofs across the nation that are easily a century old or older. You have probably seen them on barns and homes, rusty old roofs still in use. Rust is the enemy of any metal roof, and the environment surrounding the building plays a part in when rust will begin. Metal roofs require minimal maintenance, and an annual spray cleaning, and ensuring leaves, branches or other debris are removed.  Routine inspection and maintenance will extend the life of the metal roof of your business, but eventually it will require some upkeep. Aging metal roofs can also benefit from roof coatings, and the coatings can restore your aging metal roof in appearance and by providing protection, and restoring waterproof continuity.

The process of restoring your metal roof with a metal roof coating begins with the preparation of the surface. Power washing will remove rust, dirt and debris. Repair will be provided to areas in advanced deterioration.

Once the roof is clean and dry, it is treated with a specialized product to stop oxidation. All the fasteners on the roof are then tightened and sealed to ensure a well attached roof and to prevent leaks and new rust from forming. When complete, the roof is ready for a secure bonding with metal roof coating.  Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX can provide the roof coating you need.

Metal roofing provides an extremely long lasting commercial roof. When the roof and the coating are maintained, its lifespan can be extended indefinitely.

Longhorn Construction can restore your metal roof, and other types of roofing with a seamless, water proof elastomeric roof coating that is both attractive and provides long lasting protection. Our roof coatings add more than waterproofing and an a new appearance. Coatings are available to soundproof, insulate, and to stop leaks.  When you need a reliable roofing contractor with the expertise to ensure a professional job, contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX.

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