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Dealing with Roofing Problems in Houston, TX

Matt Parker - Sunday, July 16, 2017

Not a lot of attention is generally paid to the roof. Being one of the most neglected parts of homes and offices, easily preventable roof damage over time can contribute to a hefty maintenance cost. The roof is the first line of defense that a building has against the harsh elements of environment. The unforgiving Houston sun is one of the main reasons why appropriate commercial roofing is important. Roofing is not just a cover for your house or office, it’s science. Proper roofing eliminates the degradative effects of heat, high speed wind, UV rays and water damage. You don’t have to wait around until something goes wrong. Take the necessary precautionary steps to ensure your roofing is well capable of handling the worst conditions instead of waiting, and save yourself a lot of money in maintenance costs that you could better utilize elsewhere.

Dealing with Roofing Problems in Houston, TX

Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX is equipping buildings of varying styles and architecture with roofing systems that give you the most out of the installation for prolonged periods of time. A good commercial roofing maximizes its performance as a protective layer, but the key is not to wait too long. In the long run, it will only cost you more to wait. Spending on preventative measures such as a required roofing system can make more difference than most of us would realize, apart from the dollars you’re going to save in repair costs. It is an investment for the years to come and for the architectural health of your building. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems that you might run into with commercial roofing.

  • Leaks

No building is completely invincible to damage but the best you can do is equipping it with an effective shield, a nice commercial roofing system that will significantly extend its life. Roof leaks are amongst the most commonly occurring commercial roofing problems in Houston, TX. Dripping water is not only unacceptable for offices but also unsafe. No one likes dripping water around their computers. To counter this, you must choose a proactive approach by taking preventative measures by installing a roofing system that is resistant against any kind of leaks.

  • Wind Uplift

It is also not uncommon for roofs to blow off and elevate off their established roof plains. This occurs because the roof was not properly adhered to the substrate surface, causing a weakly binded roof that only needs some wind to detach. Additionally, the wind uplift on weakly binded roof surfaces can also be caused by letting the flowing wind to enter into any cracks and openings in the roof, consequently increasing the internal air pressure, and resulting in the roof to blow off with relative ease. The slightest uplift in your commercial roof should not be tolerated because it will damage the roof membrane for good.

  • Stagnant water

Stagnant water on the roofs is another sneaky negative that you ought to look out for. Stagnant water can form after rain and also due to clogged drains. Water can deteriorate your roof and find its way into any vulnerable crevices on the roof. Standing water also makes for a nice harbor for bacteria and fungi which will form nasty bio films that you don’t want. Roofing installation must be carried out with mindfulness to these possible drawbacks. To avoid pooling water bodies on your roof, the roof must have a slope for the water to run right off after a heavy shower. Make sure you are aware of where this pooling water is coming from though. Often, HVAC units turn out to be the culprit, in which case, repairing the draining line or installing a new one should fix the problem.

  • Flashing

Flashing is installed on walls, curbs, pipes and chimneys to deflect water from the seams and joints of the roofing system. Did you know that 95% of all roof leaks occur due to faults in flashing? The seasonal physical expansion and contraction of the flashing can wear it down. If the top of the flashing isn’t terminated properly, it can also make for an easy way for the water to enter the roof and leak through. Pitch pans can offer a solution to this problem by sealing around the pipes and exhausts protruding from the roof.

  • Solar expansion and contraction

In the summer season, all physical solid bodies expand due to their particles gaining higher kinetic energy from the heat and spacing away from each other, consequently expanding the object, whereas in the winter season, the kinetic energy is reduced and causing the solids to contract. Metal roofs are particularly vulnerable to the year round expansion and contraction because it can damage the structure of the roof making the sealants and caulking redundant. A ceramic coating can reduce this solar heat load. Additionally, single ply or spray polyurethane foam roofing systems can be damaged very easily by any addition of equipment on the roof, so be cautious about that when considering post-installation penetrations and any other kinds of punctures on your roof.

Let the experts handle it

Regular inspection and preventative maintenance is a great way to avoid all roof related problems and increase your roofing system’s life by years. Whether it is roof replacement, roof repairs or roofing services that you are looking for, the experts at Longhorn commercial are the right people for any commercial roofing jobs you may have. They have more than 40 years of experience under their belt, serving the good people of Houston who require roofing expertise and over 2.7 billion square feet of jobs taken care of. The three primary objectives that Longhorn believes in are unsurpassed customer service, extremely competitive pricing and absolutely ethical business practices. A well chosen roofing system will save you money on heating and cooling as well, by providing sufficient ventilation and adequate insulation. Longhorn even offers eco-friendly construction solutions for those of us that are rightfully concerned about our negative irreversible impact on the environment. With an extensive catalogue containing pre-existing roofing system’s repairs, different types of roofing systems and premium materials, Longhorn commercial roofing is the locals’ favorite choice of roofing solutions.

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