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Houston TX Commercial Roofing Contractor, Longhorn Construction, is an industry leader in roof coating

By holding ourselves to the highest industry standards, Longhorn Commercial Roofing is able to achieve continued customer satisfaction year after year. We are the go to choice for any commercial roofing installation. All of our roofing systems come with a 20-year, renewable warranty.

Quality and reliability shows in our 40 years of combined experience and over 3 billion square feet of roofing installations to date. Call us first or call us last, but make the right choice by calling Longhorn Commercial Roofing for your next commercial roofing project.

Industry Leader in Roof Coating

Polymer coatings are a great way to create a new roof for your building. This problem-solving spray on or rolled on technique can restore your existing roof in now time. Being the industry leader in providing roof coatings, Longhorn Commercial Roofing can give your old roof new life with quality and precision.

Not only does this custom coating solution provide new life to your commercial roof but it's a little green also! Our roof coatings offer added energy efficiency that in return help you with your energy cost. This process can be applied to any type of roofing system or material, save your existing roof and fix any current problems.

We have become the masters in roof coatings and are certified by the most prominent roof coating manufacturers.

Cost Benefit of Roof Coatings

You ask how can this process put money back in my pocket book. Here's the deal, a white roof typically means a "cool" roof. It bounces solar rays away from the surface, resulting in heat that does not pass through the roof and into the interior of your building. This has caused a large demand for what we call "reflective" roofs. This is a major reason why we provide roof coating in white. Not only does our system potentially save you and your business money but the added savings of not tearing off your existing roof could save you even more.

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