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For your Houston roofing solutions, trust a company that has covered nearly three billion square feet of roofing in Texas. When you need a new, or you need to repair and extend the life of your existing roof using one of these miraculous new roof coatings, call us first!

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Longhorn Commercial Roofing is the leading commercial roofing Houston residents turn to for their construction projects. With 40 plus years of experience, and over 2.7 billion square feet of jobs covered throughout the great state of Texas, our clients appreciate our priority being customer service. 

Originally a commercial roofing Houston metro company, Longhorn Commercial Roofing has quickly grown into a state-wide company, with customers from all over the nation continuing to choose us for their commercial projects- we guarantee satisfaction and offer 20-year renewable warranties on the covers  we install. 

At Longhorn Commercial Roofing, our success is attributed to our three primary objectives: unsurpassed customer service, extremely competitive pricing and 100 percent ethical business practices. Our roofing experts ensure each project is completed to meet or exceed these standards coupled with offering the best in industry- premium materials and unsurpassed knowledge.

We proudly offer ECO- Friendly, long lasting energy efficient construction solutions. When appropriate, we encourage our unique coating treatments that may be applied to any type of roofing system and material. This type of solution can save the pre-existing roof, repair any complications and present many additional years to a roof’s like- all with the bonus of knowing this type of process is energy efficient.

Our use of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology has propelled us in the commercial roofing Houston market. Some of our products include metal roofing, reinforced ply systems, and elastomeric roof coating. We install new or replacement roofing solutions that include asphalt shingle, metal, modified bitumen, single ply and metal standing seam.

We assist each customer in making the best, most cost effective decision while mapping each phase of the project so that our clients are kept informed.

The Longhorn Commercial Roofing team is committed to securing long-lasting relationships with our clients.  Each one of our members is technically trained for each system we offer to adhere to all manufacturer’s standards to certify the quality and integrity from concept to completion. By remaining committed to our customers, we are certain to continue to exceed all expectations.  If your business or building is need or a new roof or repairs the only call you need to make is Longhorn Commercial Roofing; your number one commercial roofing Houston resource. 

We offer the following products:

Metal standing seam roofs are factory-made panels with raised seams that interlock then are sealed watertight. It has been used in half of all low-rise commercial and industrial buildings constructed in the last several years.

Modified bitumen is ideal for buildings with flat or low slope projects. It is manufactured in rolls with adhesive on the underside to bond the covering to the substrate.

Metal complements home exterior decor, delivers the long-lasting affordability commercial structures require, and is the first choice for industrial building. In light colors, or with a metal coating, the energy efficiency is significant.

Coatings adhere to many kinds of materials. The products are not “one size fits all,” but are engineered for specific materials. What they do have in common is exceptional “reflectivity,” which means heat from the sun bounces away from the surface, significantly reducing air conditioning costs.

Elastomeric coatings are applied as a liquid, and then dry to a seamless coating that prolongs the life of your roof. It is an economical solution for BUR, modified bitumen, metal, cement, and EPDM systems.

For rubber, a seamless coating results in years of worry free and maintenance free service. An aging EPDM shrinks and cracks. The coating restores leak protection.

Metal coatings are the innovative solution for commercial, industrial, farm and ranch structures. Your system is coated with layers of polymer leak and rust protection.

Flat coatings eliminate the succession of troubles associated with flat roofs such as chronic leaking, ponding and rapid deterioration. Ask about it if your current system is hot-tar modified bitumen rubber; built-up single-ply metal; or polyurethane foam.

Longhorn Commercial Roofing serves the entire state of Texas. Call us at 713-391-8444 to speak to one of our experienced customer service representatives.

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Metal Roofing | Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX

Matt Parker - Friday, September 15, 2017

While metal roofing may cost more than some other roofing initially, it pays for itself over time and offers a number of advantages. For example, it maintains its appearance and can last a life time with a minimum of care. It is easier to clean, and many decades into the future, it can be refinished to like new condition and appearance as often as is required. Metal roofing offers the strength of steel, and can last a lifetime, and beyond. Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX can provide the metal roofing you require.

Metal Roofing | Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX

The Basics

Metal roofing is measured in gauge. Gauge ranges from 29 to 22 gauge, and the lower the number is, the thicker the metal will be. In addition, metal roofing is painted with a variety of paints varying from acrylic, urethane, silicone, or resin based. Kynar Hylar and Mylar are resin based paints that are long lasting, and resists weathering and color fade, sheds dirt easily, and is resistant to mildew and algae. For additional information, contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX .

Have an Existing Roof in Need of Repair?

Across the nation, there are metal roofs 100 years old and older remaining in good condition. In fact, they could last indefinitely with only slight maintenance. Eventually, all metal roofs will begin to rust, and require repair. The maintenance is minimal with annual cleaning, and ensuring the gutters are not clogged. Decades down the road, your roof may require some repair due to rust. However, if you keep it clean, remove debris routinely, and take care of the rust when it first begins with restoration and paint, your roof will last a lifetime, or beyond and still look great. Longhorn Construction offers metal roof restoration and repair. Furthermore, our products can stop leaks and rust. Contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX today for a free estimate.

Other Advantages

Metal roofing can enhance your commercial building's appearance and value, while saving energy. For southerly locations where heat is the greatest problem, choosing a light color or white metal roof will increase those savings even more. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, helping to prevent heat gain and maintain a cooler temperature down below. White is the best for reflecting heat, but light colors will help substantially as well. Metal roofing is available in a broad range of colors, providing you with roofing options for increasing your building's aesthetics. Summer isn't the only time you will save when you install a metal roof.  During the winter, it will reflect heat back into the building, saving you money year round. The roof will pay for itself over time with energy savings, and with simple, low maintenance. When compared to other roofing, metal is the investment that keeps on giving. Contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX to schedule a free estimate.

In addition, a metal roof will prevent the penetration of hail, and stands up well to blowing debris. It is also fire resistant, and may qualify you for a deduction with your insurance company.

Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX offers experienced roofers with the expertise required to assure the performance and lifespan of your metal roof. For more than 40 years,  Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX has installed more than 3 billion square feet of commercial roofing throughout the state of Texas.

Architecturally and Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing has the flexibility to accommodate curves and complex angles, and is often chosen by contractors for its ease of use and long term reliability. Furthermore, metal roofing contains from 20% to 56% recycled steel, and when the end of its service life finally comes, it too can be recycled.

Fastening Options

There are several options for fastening the metal roof system to the roof deck or structural framing. Fastening options include:

Screw fasteners that penetrate the metal roof panels securing them to the deck. This method is more economical and fairly strong, but are more likely to develop leaks than other options. However, this is the traditional method and includes hundred year old roofs. Periodic inspection and roof repair when required can prevent problems.

Metal roofing using concealed fasteners located within the metal seam is used for the standing seam roofing system. The clips hold the adjoining roof panels together, and  are fastened to the roof substrate. The clips are not exposed to the elements for leaks to occur. Standing seam systems also offer a variety of seam leg height. This is important because the higher the seam leg, the stronger the roof. 

The clip is also available in a variety of thickness (gauge). The clip gauge helps to establish the minimum wind-uplift resistance requirements for a specific roof. For example, wind prone areas will use a heavier gauge clip, and closer distancing of the clips. This will provide a stronger roof capable of resisting wind damage.

While it seems simple, there are in fact a number of considerations in metal roof installations. The professionals of Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX offer extensive experience, with 3 billion square feet of commercial roofs installed. A feat that is almost unmatched in the entire nation.

Whether you need metal roof repair, or the installation of a new metal roof or other roofing, Longhorn Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX provides first quality craftsmanship. Contact our roofing professionals for answers to your questions, to schedule a free roofing estimate, or to schedule an installation. We proudly serve the State of Texas.

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